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How Website Designing Effects SEO?

Since, we are in the SEO field very long now. We got a question asking us by the client that how website designing affect SEO.

Below are some of the Effects:

The Navigation Structure: It is important that the website navigation structure should be very appropriate and up to the mark. One can f…

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Top 25 Free Directory Submission Sites For 2015

Welcome to, Today we have Top 25 List of Free Directory Sites. This list allows you to do the submission for free of cost and without any registrations.

Higher the Page Rank, Higher the Domain Authority, Higher the Impact on results, so it is important to submit your website on Good P…

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Top 25 Bookmark Submission Sites For 2015

Welcome to, Today we have Top 25 List of Social Bookmarking Sites. This list allows you to register and bookmark your favorite web links and share links across the internet. In other word a social bookmarking is a system of saving bookmarks to a website and 'tagging' them with Important …

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Short Tail Keyword v/s Long Tail Keywords

First we need to understand what is keyword? Then we will concentrate on the next two questions. So what is keyword? If I ask anybody that what is keywords the answers will be different and vary from person to person. If anybody will ask me about it, my answer will be "Anything which you search onli…

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Google’s Latest Update – ON Encrypted Data

Today, we are going to talk about Google's latest update. Those who are already aware regarding this update just brush up your mind and for those who aren't aware for those it’s a new thing in the search.

Recently there was new update from Google’s end for that website that has encrypted data in …

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Choosing a Best SEO Firm for Your Business is Very Essential

When it comes to your online business the first picture comes in our mind to have a good and very attractive website with proper navigation structure and so on. But does it really sufficient? No. Another question comes in our mind then what need to be done?

For an online business, website does matt…

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SEO Tips & Tricks for Designing SEO Friendly Website

The “WWW” is stand for World Wide Web. With the help of technology called as internet you can represent your presence or your business presence to all over the world with a simple term an website, but only a term website is very difficult to explain the whole thing.

So what is website?

The bes…

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SEO Tips & Tricks for Writing an Article and Get Instant Approvals

Being in this field each and every webmaster or content writers know about the increasing number of rejection of the articles have gone up. Most of the new writers are facing upto 10 rejections for each approved article while submitting in top article submission sites.

Rejections are easy to avoid …

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SEO Tips & Tricks for Title Tag | Best SEO Practices for Title Tag

Title Tag, Technically called title element in HTML defines the title of a document. A title tag is the Heading or the main text that describes documents. After the content it is the most important ON Page SEO elements, appears in three key places: browser, search engine results and external website…

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6 Tricks SEO Practices for Using rel=canonical

Rel Canonical Tag

One of the Important SEO Techniques is rel=canonical. Normally most of the people make some common mistake with rel=canonical. I will suggest you the actual technique and tips of using rel=canonical. It is important to plays an important role in the structure of your web site.

“rel=canonical” t…

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