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SEO Tips & Tricks for Designing SEO Friendly Website

The “WWW” is stand for World Wide Web. With the help of technology called as internet you can represent your presence or your business presence to all over the world with a simple term an website, but only a term website is very difficult to explain the whole thing.

So what is website?

The best definition is given by a Wikipedia: “A website, also written as Web site, web site, or simply site, is a set of related web pages served from a single web domain. A website is hosted on at least one web server, accessible via a network such as the Internet or a private local area network through an Internet address known as a Uniform Resource Locator. All publicly accessible websites collectively constitute the World Wide Web.”

In a simple term a website is use to represent or promote your website to a specific region, target market or all over the globe. Depending on nature of the business, products or services which you are offering and who is the target audience for the same.

Common mistakes which people do while designing a website:

Spacing Issue: Most common problem can be seen in a website is Spacing Issue. While adding content on the website without defining a proper alignment to the content this issue occurs.

Grammar Mistakes: Another common mistake can be seen on the website are grammatical errors. Being a part of online market or digital market it is most important to avoid such error. Here we can get the content written from the expert content writer.

Navigation Problem: Many designers do the work according to their client’s requirement and not considering the navigation. This can be result in huge disaster like confusing the user who will browse your site.

Flash or Java Script: Flash and Java script are the script language which is normally used for beautification of the website. But they have their own bad impact i.e. Increase in page loading time.

Broken Link: This is very second common error can be easily found on any of the website. Out of 10 the ratio will be 4 to 5. 


SEO Tips & Tricks for Designing SEO Friendly Website:

Below we have share some of the SEO Tips & Tricks or Point to be consider while designing a website so that we can called a website as SEO Friendly or Google Friendly.

Page Loading Time: The page loading time plays an important role when a visitor land on a web page. A web page should be loaded in 6sec max otherwise it will result in loss of traffic. It is one of the big reasons for increased “Bounce Rate”. You track the bounce rate in Google Analytics by registering your site for Free. Best practices for reducing page load time is limit the use of Java Script, Flash, High Resolution Images, etc. Instead of that we can use High resolution images with low file size with a help of Image Optimizer Tool. As far as Using Flash and Java Script, we can make use of JQuery.

Sitemap: The best practices for making proper navigational structure for the website; we must make use of Initial sitemap for the website which will act as a blue print of the website before developing or designing. This sitemap is not a Google XML Sitemap.

Broken Link: Once the website is live double check the broken link. There are number of free tools available on the net. You can make use of anyone out of it. The best practice is if the link is broken or under construction you can make use of 302 redirect which is also called as temporary redirect.

SEO Friendly URL: There is a big confusion between lot of people between “-” and “_”. What is the best practice to do that, either one should go for “-” or either go for “_” In our next post we will have a detailed explanation on both these. But for now the best practice if to go for “-” instead of “_”

Hash (#) Links: Most common mistakes can be seen is # links. This creates a bad impact for the brand reputation. Suppose you have landed on a top brand website and found one link which no goes anywhere or has # links. Creates a bad impression. If the page is not there either remove that # links or give that link a proper navigation.

Summary: Here we have shared some of the SEO Tips & Tricks for designing a website. Make website user friendly or search engine friendly. There are some the common mistakes which can be avoid easily without much effort. On an overview we can say make use of as much as text content possible instead of Images, Flash or Java Script.

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