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SEO Tips & Tricks for Title Tag | Best SEO Practices for Title Tag

Title Tag, Technically called title element in HTML defines the title of a document. A title tag is the Heading or the main text that describes documents. After the content it is the most important ON Page SEO elements, appears in three key places: browser, search engine results and external websites.

Browser View: 

 SEO Title Tag Appearance on Browser

Search Engine Result Pages View:

 SEO Title Tag Appearance on SERP's

External Websites View:

Many External links especially Social Media Sites.

 SEO Title Tag Apprearance on External Links


Code Sample:


<title>Title Example</title>


Optimal Format:

Brand Name | Primary Keywords and Secondary Keywords
Primary Keywords – Secondary Keyword | Brand Name

Best Practices for Title Tag:

As like in our previous post related on Alt Tag. Where we have specified the character limit for alt tag. The same way we must try to not to exceed the limit of the character for title tag which is not more than 70 characters. This is the limit which Google displays in search results. If the character limit of a title tag exceeded the 70 characters may be truncated in the result or some time search engine choose to display content direct from the website itself.  But sometime results may vary as per the width and size of the characters but the best practice is to use 70 characters in general.

Creating a descriptive title tags is most important for increasing ranking in the search engines. As per the survey, 35 out of 37 participants said that for targeting keywords title tag is the most important element for the search engine.

Limit Your Character

The maximum character limit which we can use in the title tags is not more than 70 characters. Search engines show an ellipsis,”....” to indicate that you have exceeded the character limit.

Keyword Placement

It is most recommendable to place your important keywords relevant to the web page closer the start of the title tag. It will help more to get rank on the top search engine at top positions.

Brand extension

Many SEO’s recommend using the brand name at the end of a title tags. And many a time it’s a best approach to create brand awareness. On the other side of a coin, the brand name should be first if the brand is less known or relevant than the targeted keywords.


External Resources

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