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SEO Tips & Tricks for Image Alt Tag SEO

Alt is nothing but a simple HTML tag used for the search engine to render the information to the search engine about the images. As Google bot or search engine can’t read images like human being so they have introduced the concept of Image Alt Tag. In Addition ALT tags attribute provide more information to the users too. It tells the reader what they missing on a page if the browser can’t read render images. The default browse then shows the alternate text of the image. We can also see the alt tag by putting our mouse cursor on the specific images then the browser will pop up the text which is none other than Alt Tag.


The Alt Attribute plays a vital role when it comes to SEO. As search engine crawler can’t read the images it helps search engines to relate your website the images or graphics which is used to provide the further information to the users. By giving alt tag to the images will help you to optimize the content as well as a web page of the website. 

When it comes to Image optimization, the alt tag again comes into the picture and it helps a lot. For e.g. if people are searching for your brands let’s take an example of Apple Inc, when you will search on google or any other search engines it will appear as the brand company logo of a Apple Inc. This is just because image alt tag has been used for the specific logo all over the website. It tells google that apple inc. is not a just apple fruit it’s a brand which user might be searching for.

Generally the Image ALT tag looks like below:

[IMG SRC="URL" ALT="Insert your alternative Text Here"]

SEO Tips & Tricks for Writing ALT tags

Be Concise:

While giving alt tag you must be concise try to not put you whole keyword set some time web browser will crash if the ALT tag has too many characters. The word limit for the alt tag is no longer than 64 words.

Be Useful:

Don’t use alt tag so short that they are of no use. We must provide the sufficient information of the images if somebody is not able to understand the images then he must get the idea by reading alt tag.


It is important to understand the role of alt tag in SEO. Use clear and concise ALT tag to maximise the effectiveness of your alt tags with regard to SEO. You can use keywords to target your service or products with the help of alt tag which will help to relate the content and your images for the search engines.

Not for the Search engine:

Alt tag is not only for the search engine. Alt tag should be written for the user then for the search engine. Using a more keywords in the alt tag will trigger the spam violation on your site, which could result in a ranking penalty.

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