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Top 10 SEO Tips & Tricks 2013


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become one of the key elements to increase the exposure of your website. Many individuals who are running their online business by creating their own website require SEO professional for the marketing of their website. If you are starting a business through online like an online store then it is must for you to Avail SEO Services. Your web shop must be shown in the top list if anyone searches for it. Everyone is mostly searching such shops through Google and they also prefer to open only such websites which are shown in the top positions. Most of the search engines also show only those web websites in the top position which are having a good quality with high Page Rank and a good reaction from the World Wide Web surfers. You can improve your web page results through SEO.

There are many definitions provided on internet related to SEO. The most appropriate definition for SEO provided on Wikipedia is:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of increasing the visibility of a web site or a web page in search engine via the “natural” or unpaid search results”.

When it comes to a good amount of traffic and High Page Rank many things are considered. Once you have understood the search terms and developing appropriate SEO strategies, your web site will gradually improve its search ranking too.

You can take help from the following 10 tips of SEO provided in this article:

Top 10 SEO Tips

1. Quality and Industry-related Websites to Link your Web Pages:

When it comes to back links most of the people don’t understand the actual meaning. It is most important to collect back links. We all know this but exactly what need done? No worry, As far as back links are concern we have to search for the links which is related to your industries not just for the sake of quantity back links. Back links works as a vote for your website, more the number of votes better the result. You can inbound the links from other pages and blogs that helps the search engine to understand the concept of your web page is all about.

2. Informative Content:

 Most of the user on the internet search for the products or services. Your website must provide the relevant as well as informative content on the web site which will help the customers to buy your products or services. Search engine also prefers the most informative as well as relevant content for which the user searching for. Many website just make use of Images or Info graphic to provide the information, but when it comes to search engine it does not read any images or animations so you must provide text content instead of Images and info graphics. 

3. Keyword Research:

As per the nature of business and to target the market needs. You need to know what people will search for. You need to know the phrase or keywords which are commonly used by the users to search the products or services. In the market there are number of tools are available like omniture, word tracker, etc. You can try Google Ad-words Keyword Tool for searching the keywords.

4. Unique Title and Unique Content for Each Web Page:

Adding a unique title and unique content is must. Each of your web pages must contain the best title and content for the information you are providing as well the information for which user will search for. Your title must tell everything about the web a page what is contains and the background of your web site.

Search engine ranks the web pages not the website. It searches for the result according to its title and the information about the website is given. You need to target separate page for separate keywords. This will increase the relevancy. It’s not like that you can use the same keywords for each and every page. If you will do so search engine will not consider it as a goof page and your page will lose its credibility in the search engine.

5. Use Keywords in your Web Pages:

It is important to use keywords in your web pages. Using a keyword at the beginning of your web page is a good idea. Why? Read below. You can use it in the content, Images, Heading Tags, etc. It will help the search engine to relate your website with the same keywords which you have used it in the title and the description.

6. Speak with your target market’s Language:

You can clearly mentioned and explain the customers finding your web site that what products or services you offer and in which region and at what price. It is most important to use the main keywords at the starting of the web page. Search engine do not read the lines in between it only reads the starting and the ending so you must make a perfect start and a perfect ending.

7. Update the Text Content of your Website:

The search engine provides such web site links to the users which are up to date with the most appropriate information. People searching the web are guided towards such web sites which are updated gradually. You must maintain your web site and keep the text content of your web site up to date.

8. Study your Site’s Statistics:

The best tool for study your statics is Google Analytic  You can get the overview of your website its performance, target market, visitor’s behavior, which pages are performing well and which are under performance, etc.

9. Add Interactive Features to your Website:

Adding an interactive feature to your website is an good idea. For e.g. you can add a comment box, forums, blogs, etc. so that you can know that what people are searching for and they get it or not or they might be having some question or seeking some more information about the products and services. Adding an interactive features attract more visitors on your website.

10. Competitors’ Analysis:

Analyse your competitor’s website. Like the content, services he offered, etc. You must check that which website come up on the searching result while searching the products and services which you are offering. It is most important to notice all these things to compete your opponent.

Here are the top 10 SEO Tips & Tricks 2013.

Author: Mr. Vijay G

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