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Where? We should Put Google Analytic Code in Website?

Hi Guys, as indulge in these industries more than four years I got a question and comment from client side also from some of my friends, who are designers and developers, where to put Google Analytic Code exactly.

First let me explain in brief that what is Google Analytic? Google Analytic is a tool provided by Google for Free of Cost; it helps the website owner or the SEO Optimizers or Professional to track the overall performance of their website in terms of traffic.

Below are some of the Key Features of GA – Google Analytic:

  • Track the number of visitors to your website.
  • Track the location of the visitors.
  • Track the Keywords which the visitors have used.                                                       
  • Track the Time Duration they spent on Your Site.
  • Set up a Goal.
  • Track the Bounce Rate.
  • Segments Available.
  • You can filter your traffic.
  • Lot more features are there.

So now coming to the point, where exactly the Google Analytic Code should be placed? Some people convey to put the Code on the Top under the Opening Head some people tell put it on the Footer at the Closing body.

Google says clearly to put it anywhere between opening body and closing body. So the Big question does we follow what Google says, or on the top or on the bottom. Confusion?

Don’t worry, what Google says is always good but the best thing is you should put it on the Footer. 

Once put it on the Header: 
Visitors come on your website once he clicks on your link. The page starts loading, which means before loading the full page that visits will count as a one visit, though he has closed the tab without seeing the whole website, or he might have closed the window as the website took time to get loaded.

Once put it in between:
In this case, the same consequences can happen but for most of the time we mentioned our main points or product or information just in between the page so that it can attract the visitors. And they can easily go through the whole article. However, but if it’s a content-based website or information or services based website this time can make a consequence. Nevertheless, most of the time it works.

Once put it on the Footer:
Now if you put the code at the bottom i.e. just above the closing body, this will not only count the whole visit but also will help you to track the exactly number of visitors who have actually visited your site completely.

So it is always recommended that every SEO Company or an SEO Expert should put the Google analytic code at the bottom. And track the exact and actual number of visitors to your website. And but when it comes to visitors, it is again bifurcated into New Visit and Returning Visits. This point we will try to explain in some of our other blogs, until then stay tuned.

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